Warsaw Chopin Airport global partner of film Spitfire Liberator: The Alex Herbst Story: Alex Herbst is the last living pilot of the remarkable No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron. He completed 141 combat missions on the legendary Spitfire fighter plane, including a mission during the Allied invasion of Normandy. Officially declared dead, he survived being shot down several times. In recognition of his bravery and achievements he was awarded a Cross of Valour three times, along with a number of British decorations. He’s 95 and lives in Seattle. Veteran WWII fighter pilot Alex Herbst changes his Spitfire for a Dreamliner to see again the best places of his past: New York, London, Sydney. This feel good trip combines tragic memories in the back of his mind, whereby emotions and unexpected turning points illustrates the life path of his generation, as such forgotten heroes and good people have lost everything, but not the faith in a better future for them and for the world. May 19 The original story of this rare WWII hero fighter pilot that escaped Nazi attacks in Poland, was chased incognito to England during the Battle of Britain, to fly Spitfires in the elite UK 303 squadron, escorting B-17 bombers, getting shot down three times, saved American lives, while thought to be deceased, was impossible to resist.

Variety - August 31: Seven more U.S. markets on documentary feature “Spitfire Liberator: The Alex Herbst Story”.

Screen International - February 11 Silver Sword International has acquired US, Canada & UK theatrical distribution rights for Spitfire Liberator - The Alex Herbst Story.



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