Spitfire: The Alex Herbst Story is a documentary about Alex Herbst, 95, currently the oldest Polish born pilot, member of the famous WWII RAF’s Polish 303 Squadron based in London.
Alex Herbst lives in the Seattle area. For a long time absolutely forgotten even by historians. Many have wrongly believed he is dead, because of a mistaken annotation in his files. Now he discloses all of his past in a film.



After the end of WWII Alex Herbst worked for the aircraft industry, initially in the UK, where he met his wife Doreen, then moved to New York to travel internationally on business. His war achievements are displayed on an exhibition prepared for the Polish Home in Seattle. Alex Herbst likes to take part in historical events organized by Boeing Museum of Flight in Seattle and Flying Heritage Collection in Everett, WA. His book containing WWII memories of an “everyday pilot” was released in Poland in early 2013. The book includes detailed descriptions of many dangerous missions and accidents as well as the entertaining part of life following pilot’s duties in London. 

Alex Herbst tells his story for a documentary which is about the will of flying that never dies. This is also a sentimental and partly virtual trip to the most important places of Alex Herbst’s life in Poland, Romania, Turkey, and France, UK and the USA including his visit to the present aviation industry.

Alex Herbst – full story

 During the last period we had a lot of publicity in the U.S. Polish and international film industry media.


Podniebna Kawaleria by Alex Herbst now available in Seattle

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